Flexible Composite Material

6640NMN insulation paper

6640NMN insulation paper is a soft composite material consisting of a middle layer of polyester film and two-sided Nomex paper with a heat resistance grade of F (155 ° C). Good mechanical properties such as tensile strength and edge tear resistance as well as good electrical strength.
NMN nomex insulating paper has a smooth surface, good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, especially at high temperatures and after damp. It is guaranteed to be trouble-free when producing low-voltage motors using automatic lowering machines; for H-class motors and appliances Slot insulation, turn-to-turn insulation, gaskets and interlayer insulation of Class H dry transformers. read more

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NHN 6650 Polyester Film & NOMEX Amide Fiber Paper Composite Material

1.Class: Temperature classification is F.

2.Features: Excellent electrical and mechanical properties especially at high temperature and after being humidified.


Used for the insulation against ground and between turns as well as liner insulation for coil of motors and apparatus. read more

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Diamond Dotted insulation paper for transformer winding

It is an insulation material which Coating modified epoxy resin as diamond-shape and baking on the electrical insulation paper. Widely used in the oil-immersed transformers and mutual inductors’ layer insulation and turn insulation. When using, the coating layer begin to melt during the coil drying process at a certain temperature. resulting adhesion. As the temperature rises again curing, make the adjacent layers of the winding reliably bonded into a fixed unit. The bonding strength of the epoxy resin is sufficient to prevent the displacement of the various layers of the winding when short circuit, so as to ensure the long-term mechanical and electrical properties of the insulation structure.

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POLYESTER FILM Fish Barley Insulation Paper

Cyan-blue thin electric insulating paper and polyester film are coated with adhesive by heating compound. The composite products have good mechanical strength and high electrical strength. The surface of the product is smooth and full of toughness. It is widely used in the slot insulation for electrical machinery and appliances, liner insulation and turn insulation. Temperature resistance level: E Class.

The default specification is: width (Negotiable) read more

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