Insulation Film

Diamond glue film 6130

Temperature grade: B-class
Products are mainly used for instrument transformer, transformer insulation between the layers and turn to turn insulation.

No. Properties Unit Requirements
1 Base thickness mm 0.05±0.005
2 Single-sided plastic grid thickness μm 17.5±2.5
3 Thermal shrinkage rate % ≤3
4 Adhensive strength kpa ≥350
5 Tensile strength MPa ≥150
6 Brake enlongation % ≥80
7 Power breakdown voltage kv ≥6.0
8 Temperature vaule ≥130
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Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape

Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape

Polyimide Film Adhesive Tape is produced from polyimide film coated with heat resistant adhesive.It is an ideal insulating product for H class use.

Characters: Excellent heat resistance: can work for a long time at 180℃ and endure heat shock of 160℃.
Better tear resistance: it can work on the surface with different shapes and sizes.
Higher mechanical strength, better dielectric strength and good bonding strength.
Application: It is widely used in ground insulation, phase insulation, layer insulation, barrier insulation and core wrap for electrical motors and transformers; also used in PCB wave soldering, hot air leveling and other bonding applications under high temperature and corrosion conditions. read more

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