Insulation Impregnation

High-temperature Resistant Organic Insulating Varnish

The product has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, moisture proof and water proof properties. It is the reasonable adhesive for the production of  high temperature mica plate and glass fiber cloth laminated sheet.It can also be used as wear-resisting treatment and polishing treatment agent for marble and flooring title.The product has the performance of high hardness,high degree of cure and less volatilization in curing process. read more

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2432 Hydroxyacid Varnished glass cloth

1. It is made from impregnated the electrical alkali-free glass fiber cloth after drying., impregnated material is alkyd.
2. Thickness: 0.11,0.12,0.13,0.15,0.17,0.18,0.20,0.25,0.38mm.
3.Width: not less than 1200-1270mm. According to user needs, glass cloth can be straight cutting, obligue cutting (generally along the 45 ℃ angle), the width of bands are15,20,25mm and others. Tolerance of width less than100mm is ± 0.5mm; Tolerance of width more than 100mm is ±1% of the width. read more

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