Insulation Paper

Crepe paper for transformers

Crepe paper for transformers is made by wrinkling of electrical insulation paper. There are crepe along its lateral direction, and the crepe are pulled apart when stretched. Crepe paper with different elongation can be produced due to different wrinkle processing procedures. The thickness of the insulating paper is generally 0.05 mm to 0.12 mm, and the elongation is in the range of 5% to 200%. Insulating crepe paper is often used for the winding insulation of oil-immersed transformers, such as the winding ends, the insulation of the leads and the insulating screen. read more

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Electrician insulation crepe paper tube

Electrician insulation crepe paper tube

The electrical insulation crepe paper tube is made of crepe paper and is suitable for use as an insulating material in motors and capacitors, especially in oil-immersed transformers.

Advantages of transformer crepe paper tube:
1. Inherent dielectric strength
Insulated crepe paper tubes produced by ZTELEC have a lower dielectric constant, resulting in a more uniform electric field distribution between the insulation and the cooling medium.
2, thermal stability
The product has a UL material temperature rating of 220 degrees, which means that even if it is continuously placed at 220 degrees, it can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years.
3. Mechanical toughness
The product is very strong, and the tear resistance and abrasion resistance are good, and the thinner product is flexible.
4, chemical compatibility
Basically free of most solvents, and very resistant to acids and alkalis, it is compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants and freezers, and is not damaged by insects, fungi and molds. .
5, is not sensitive to humidity
6, non-toxic, flame resistant
7, radiation resistance
Even with an ionizing intensity of 800 megarads, the product is essentially unaffected, and after 8 such doses of radiation, the electrical insulating crepe paper tube retains its mechanical and electrical properties. read more

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6640NMN insulation paper

6640NMN insulation paper is a soft composite material consisting of a middle layer of polyester film and two-sided Nomex paper with a heat resistance grade of F (155 ° C). Good mechanical properties such as tensile strength and edge tear resistance as well as good electrical strength.
NMN nomex insulating paper has a smooth surface, good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, especially at high temperatures and after damp. It is guaranteed to be trouble-free when producing low-voltage motors using automatic lowering machines; for H-class motors and appliances Slot insulation, turn-to-turn insulation, gaskets and interlayer insulation of Class H dry transformers. read more

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Insulation Compressed Pressboard

Insulation Compressed Pressboard has good mechanical strength, high electrical strength, large tightness, low shrinkage and good flatness.
* Ingredients: Insulating pressboard is made of high-purity 100% sulfate wood pulp by high pressure processing.
* Features: High chemical purity, high mechanical strength, mechanical properties and electrical properties after oil immersion.
* Uses: Widely used in oil-immersed power transformers and reactors, capacitors, tap-changers, etc.
* Thickness: 0.1mm-4mm
* Size: 0.1mm-0.5mm in rolls, width 1000mm
0.8mm-4.0mm in sheet form, size 1000mm × 2000mm read more

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Epoxy coated electrical paper DDP

Epoxy coated electrical paper DDP is made of electrical insulation paper and epoxy resin in rhombic form. Epoxy resin is used for ddp. It is a latent hardener material. The epoxy resin of this material contains latent curing agent. At room temperature (below 35 ° C) is a dry material that does not stick. The material has excellent mechanical properties and good dielectric properties after heat curing. In use, the coating layer begins to melt at a certain temperature during the drying of the coil, causing adhesion, and begins to solidify as the temperature rises, so that adjacent layers of the winding are reliably bonded into a fixed unit. The adhesive strength of the epoxy resin is sufficient to prevent the displacement of the layers of the winding during the short circuit, thereby ensuring the long-term electrical and mechanical properties of the insulation structure. Since the resin coating of the rhombic insulating paper is spotted, the immersion of the oil and the elimination of the gas in the insulating material are ensured, and corona and partial discharge are effectively avoided, thereby ensuring the safety and reliability of the insulating structure.
Scope of application: 匝 insulation for coil wires of oil-immersed power transformers and interlayer insulation of distribution transformer coils read more

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Oil Transformer DDP

The Oil Transformer DDP is insulating material on the two sides of electrical insulating paper coated with rhombohedral modified epoxy resin. The epoxy resin of this material contains latent curing agent, and it is non adhesion dry material at room temperature (below 35℃). The material has excellent mechanical properties and good dielectric properties after thermal curing. read more

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NHN 6650 Polyester Film & NOMEX Amide Fiber Paper Composite Material

1.Class: Temperature classification is F.

2.Features: Excellent electrical and mechanical properties especially at high temperature and after being humidified.


Used for the insulation against ground and between turns as well as liner insulation for coil of motors and apparatus. read more

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