China Dry Phase Shift Rectifier Transformer

China dry phase shift rectifier transformer is a device that provides multiphase rectified power for medium and high voltage inverters. At present, the high-voltage frequency conversion regulation technology has developed rapidly, and the high-voltage-grade large-capacity frequency converter has been widely used, and the dry phase shifting transformer speed control is adopted, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and save production cost.
This series of products cooperates with the rectifying device in the high-voltage variable frequency speed control device to realize multiple rectification technology and effectively suppress the harmonic content. The high-voltage inverter adopting this series of products is a perfect non-harmonic inverter. And can improve the power factor, generally no need to be equipped with reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering device. The transformer uses NOMEX paper and is Class H insulated. The design of the transformer air duct is smooth, the whole structure process is good, the margin is large, and the overload capability is strong. According to the user’s structural requirements, the unique structure can be adopted, so that the inverter can occupy a smaller space. This product is especially suitable for use in environments with high fire protection requirements and high load fluctuations, such as offshore oil platforms, thermal power plants, water plants, metallurgical chemicals, mining and building materials and other special working environments.
Performance characteristics
1. The coil adopts mature design, technology and materials, which makes the product board small and strong against sudden short circuit;
2. The insulating material is made of Nobel’s NOMEX paper, the heat resistance grade is up to C grade, and the emergency load can be safely operated below 220 degrees, which reflects the super overload capacity;
3. Multi-phase with edge, multi-winding superimposed rectification, small feedback harmonics to the grid;
4. The magnetic density is controlled during product design, which makes the product over-excited;
5. Advanced simulation software combined with rich experience makes the product small and light, saving space and cost for customers;
6. DuPont’s NOMEX paper is safe, non-toxic, self-extinguishing and non-combustible, making the product safer and more reliable. read more

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Epoxy resin pouring dry power transformer SC(B)-3~100/10

Epoxy resin pouring dry power transformer SC(B)-3~100/10

Product Characteristics
The SC(B)-3~100/10 dry type transformer is specially designed for the central cabinet and high voltage switchgear. Through product structure optimization, based on the national standards of various performance parameters, the product design fully considers the specific heat-dissipation restrictions and installation size requirements of the central cabinet and high-voltage switch. The heating design value is far lower than the national standard. The most ideal distribution transformer for central cabinets and high voltage switches. The product has the characteristics of no partial discharge, low temperature rise and low noise.. read more

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Dry-type transformer that can be switched between 20KV and 10KV

Dry-type transformer that can be switched between 20KV and 10KV

ZTELEC  three-phase dry-type transformers have a capacity of 0.03KVA ~ 2500KVA.
This series of three-phase dry-type transformers is a fairly mature product made by ZTELEC after years of screening various high-quality materials and advanced process technologies. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, easy maintenance, and extremely high efficiency. It can penetrate the load center and can be used. Power transmission and distribution sites such as subways, stations, terminals, enterprises and tunnels. The product is applicable to various power supply places where the AC 50 ~ 60HZ and the voltage does not exceed 24KV. The various input and output voltages of the products, the connection groups, and the distribution of the tap line group capacity can be carefully designed and manufactured according to the user’s requirements. read more

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China Phase Shifting Transformer

For people in other countries, very few people know much about China. However, they are very satisfied with Chinese products and believe that it is a guarantee of quality.
However, China did not stop there. From a simple foundry to a country of export of technology products, China Phase Shifting Transformer lead the development of the world’s electrical industry. read more

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schneider dry type transformer manufacturer

schneider dry type transformer manufacturer

Schneider is a company, but also a standard, a high standard for the transformer industry.
But the Schneider standard is not a specific standard. Generally refers to the standard that Schneider needs to pass for certification. Most Schneider certifications use IEC or EN and DIN standards, and there are also a few corporate standards (group standards) that Schneider himself proposed. This standard is not only the detection of the final product, but also a test of the entire production process. Every detail in the production needs to meet the standard, which is why Schneider Electric Transformer has received everyone’s love.
  In 2012, ZTELEC Group successfully passed the audit of product quality and production process of France Schneider Electric, becoming its sole supplier in central China, and gradually becoming its most reliable supplier in the field of variable frequency special transformers.
We started producing dry-type transformers in 2008. Until now, we have not received customer complaints about quality. Schneider dry-type transformers are also our hot products.
ZTELEC, Schneider dry-type transformer manufacturer read more

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Special Purpose transformers

Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

Special Purpose transformers include step up and step down transformer or any other desired voltage. Sometime some machines used are of different voltage rating then standard voltage rating and can run according to its specifications only, the special purpose transformers are required. In our premises, system can also be designed and manufactured according to the customer requirement. read more

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Off-circuit Three Phase Linear Tap Changer

-Used in mineral oil or silicon oil
-Rated voltage 10KV-35KV
-Rated current from 63A-300A
-Tapping position:3-9
-Regulation 2.5% per position



Phase number


Connection mode

Central point (II)  Neutral point (III)  Terminal Point(I)

Rated through current (A)


Short-circuit capacity

Heat stableness current (KA/2s)


Dynamic stableness current (KA)


Rated frequency


Insulation level (KV)

Rated voltage (KV)


Power-frequency withstand Voltage (50Hz/1min)


Impulse (1.2/50μs)


Sealing performance (KPa/24h)


Machine life (Thousands of times)


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Off-circuit Round Tap Changer

This series switch was designed together by Shenyang Transformer Research Institute and many Chinese switch manufacturers.The switch adopts new structure, new material, and new technology, having the advantages of reasonable structure, good hand-feeling, flexible rotation, accurate location etc.And the switch applies to the three-phase oil-immersed electrical power transformer with the frequency of 50HZ、60HZ, the rated voltage of 10KV、35KV, the rated current of 63A、125A、250A. Off-circuit tap-changers can be directly fixed on the tank cover of the transformer. read more

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