For those who are in the electrical industry, everyone is familiar with epoxy glass fiber winding pipe.
Epoxy glass fiber winding pipe is controlled by computer controlled winding after immersing the electrical grade of alkali-free glass fiber filaments in the resin through a die. It is mainly used in electronic equipment, and is a composite hollow sleeve for manufacturing high voltage, UHV SF6 high voltage electrical appliances and current transformers. Tubes of high quality raw materials.
But this is not its full use. Epoxy-glass fiber-winding tubing can even be used on tap-changers. This use may not be surprising. After all, it is also used in the electrical appliance industry.

Explore more uses for Epoxy Resin Fiber Glass Winding Tube
If you tell me it’s still used on the sewer, you wouldn’t be surprised. Epoxy pipe has good mechanical properties. Epoxy glass fiber winding pipe has high strength, fatigue resistance, good toughness, and no distortion in bending.
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