G10 epoxy glass fiber laminate  is a hard plate-shaped insulating material which is made by importing non-alkali glass fiber cloth into imported pure epoxy ester resin and adding corresponding imported flame retardant, adhesive, etc.
G10 insulation board features
Class F (155 ° C) insulation
It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good mechanical processing.

G10 epoxy fiberglass laminate

Epoxy fiberglass laminate use
Applicable to electrical and electrical equipment for insulation structural components, including various types of switches, electrical insulation, printed circuit boards, printed carbon film resistors, potentiometers, power distribution cabinets, computer drilling pads, hardware fixtures, PCB The test stand is made and can be used in humid environment and transformer oil.
Thickness: 0.2mm-120mm
Dimensions: 980mm × 1980mm, 1020mm × 2040mm, 1020mm × 2070mm
Color: colorless, green, yellow

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