The dry type transformer is a little noise when it is running. This is a very normal phenomenon, but sometimes there will be a lot of noise, which means that the sound can be judged whether the transformer is faulty. In fact, the sound of dry distribution transformers can also be seen to see if there is any damage. In general, the dry transformer has several problems in the sound, which indicates that the dry transformer has failed and must be repaired. These audible problems occur when a common dry-type power transformer is in operation, indicating that your dry-type transformer is broken.

The VPI dry-type transformer has noise. If the sound of the transformer is larger than normal and there is obvious noise, but the current and voltage are not obviously abnormal, it may be caused by loose internal screws or screws that press the core, which causes the vibration of the silicon steel sheet to increase.

Epoxy cast dry transformers have a discharge sound. If a partial discharge occurs inside or on the surface of the transformer, there will be a “pipa” discharge sound in the sound green. When this happens, if there is a blue corona or spark near the transformer casing at night or in rainy weather, the porcelain is dirty or the equipment clamp is poorly connected; if the transformer is internally discharged, It is an electrostatic discharge of a component that is not grounded, or a poor discharge of the tap-changer. At this time, the transformer should be further tested or deactivated.

dry distribution transformers

The dry power transformer has a boiling sound. If the sound of the transformer is mixed with water and the temperature changes drastically and the oil level rises, it should be judged that the transformer winding has a short-circuit fault, or the tap-changer is seriously overheated due to poor contact. At this time, the transformer should be deactivated for inspection.

The dry type transformer has a popping sound. If the transformer sound is mixed with uneven cracking sound, it is the internal breakdown of the transformer or the surface insulation. At this time, the transformer should be deactivated and inspected immediately.

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