How to prevent aging of high-density insulating paperboard, ZTELEC insulating paper gives you five suggestions:
1. Prevent high-density insulating paperboard from being exposed to high temperature for a long time. Because the ambient temperature rises by 8 °C, the life of high-density insulating paperboard will be reduced by 40%.
2. Avoid direct illumination and radiation, because light and radiation will change the molecular structure of the cardboard and reduce the insulation strength;

high-density insulating paperboard
3. Avoid contact with corrosive chemical gases or liquids, which will make the insulation performance of insulating pressboard low and reduce the insulation strength;
4. When transporting, use clean transportation vehicles with protective measures. They should not be transported together with contaminated materials. When transporting or stacking, do not throw cardboard from high places.
5. high-density insulating paperboard should be kept in a safe place to protect it from rain, snow, ground moisture, acid, alkali and chemical gases. The environment should be kept clean and hygienic.