Insulation Compressed Pressboard has good mechanical strength, high electrical strength, large tightness, low shrinkage and good flatness.
* Ingredients: Insulating pressboard is made of high-purity 100% sulfate wood pulp by high pressure processing.
* Features: High chemical purity, high mechanical strength, mechanical properties and electrical properties after oil immersion.
* Uses: Widely used in oil-immersed power transformers and reactors, capacitors, tap-changers, etc.
* Thickness: 0.1mm-4mm
* Size: 0.1mm-0.5mm in rolls, width 1000mm
0.8mm-4.0mm in sheet form, size 1000mm × 2000mm

Note: Special sizes can be customized, but need to reach a certain amount

Insulation Compressed Pressboard

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