Many people are unfamiliar with high-frequency CEM-3 CCL, because these are not seen in everyday life. But if you mention pcb substrates and CORE, most people will know that pcb boards are often used in mobile computers.
Cem-3 CCL has different names when sorting. Today ZTELEC takes everyone to learn the international classification method and naming rules of high frequency CCL.
high-frequency CEM-3 CCL

1. According to the mechanical rigidity of the copper clad laminate, it can be divided into a rigid copper clad laminate (RigidCopperCladLaminate) and a flexible copper clad laminate (FlexibleCopperCladLaminate).
2. According to different insulation materials and structures, it can be divided into organic resin type copper clad laminate, metal base clad copper board and ceramic base copper clad board.
3. According to the thickness of the copper clad plate, it can be divided into a thick plate (the plate thickness ranges from 0.8 to 3.2 mm (including Cu)) and a thin plate (the plate thickness ranges from less than 0.78 mm (excluding Cu)).
4. The reinforced materials according to the CCL are divided into glass cloth-based copper clad laminates, paper-based copper clad laminates, and composite clad copper clads (CME-1, CME-2).
5. According to the flame retardant grade, it is divided into flame retardant board and non-flame retardant board: according to the UL standard (UL94, UL746E, etc.), the CCL flame retardant grade is divided, and the rigid CCL can be divided into four different types of flame retardant grade. : UL-94V0 class; UL-94V1 class; UL-94V2 class and UL-94HB class.
Generally speaking, the copper-clad board that has reached the flame-retardant HB grade according to the UL standard is called a non-flame retardant board (commonly known as HB board). A copper clad laminate that meets the flammability requirements of the vertical combustion method in the UL standard (the grade of the flame retardant characteristic is UL-94V0 grade) is called a flame retardant board (commonly known as a V0 board). The popular name for “HB board” and “V0 board” is very popular in China for the classification of paper-based copper clad laminates. In the flexible copper clad laminate, because of the difference in the method for determining the flame retardancy, it achieves the best flame retardant rating required by UL94, and is expressed by UL94-VTM-0 (equivalent to UL-94V0 of rigid CCL). level).
6. According to some properties of CCL, it is divided into high Tg board (Tg≥170°C), high dielectric performance board, high CTI board (CTI≥600V), environment-friendly copper clad board (halogen-free, flawless), ultraviolet light. Covered copper clad laminate.
Through its many years of research and development, ZTELEC finally broke through the high-frequency CEM-3 CCL production technology and lowered the price.