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Product Category

Enamelled Wire

The enameled wire is a main type of winding wire. It consists of two parts: the conductor and the insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then baked and baked.

Electrical Materials

Diamond dotted paper, Epoxy fiberglass board, Insulated crepe paper,NHN, DMD, Electrician cotton belt,Copper clad laminated

Power Transformers

Epoxy resin pouring dry type transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry phase shifting rectifier transformer,Mining transformer, box transformer

Off-circuit Three Phase Linear Tap Changer

-Used in mineral oil or silicon oil
-Rated voltage 10KV-35KV
-Rated current from 63A-300A
-Tapping position:3-9
-Regulation 2.5% per position



Phase number


Connection mode

Central point (II)  Neutral point (III)  Terminal Point(I)

Rated through current (A)


Short-circuit capacity

Heat stableness current (KA/2s)


Dynamic stableness current (KA)


Rated frequency


Insulation level (KV)

Rated voltage (KV)


Power-frequency withstand Voltage (50Hz/1min)


Impulse (1.2/50μs)


Sealing performance (KPa/24h)


Machine life (Thousands of times)


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Off-circuit Round Tap Changer

This series switch was designed together by Shenyang Transformer Research Institute and many Chinese switch manufacturers.The switch adopts new structure, new material, and new technology, having the advantages of reasonable structure, good hand-feeling, flexible rotation, accurate location etc.And the switch applies to the three-phase oil-immersed electrical power transformer with the frequency of 50HZ、60HZ, the rated voltage of 10KV、35KV, the rated current of 63A、125A、250A. Off-circuit tap-changers can be directly fixed on the tank cover of the transformer. read more

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Polyester enamelled round copper wire

High breakdown voltage
Excellent solvent resistance, radiation resistance
Has a resistance to refrigerant performanceGood tolerance for high-low temperature impact

2. Main application:

It is suitable for use in all kinds of motors, such as electric motors, fan motors, vacuum motors. And for electrical appliances, telecommunication instruments abd radio electronic equipment for use in a variety of harsh environments or high temperature requirements and can be used under special conditions such as nuclear reactors and space flying. read more

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