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Product Category

Enamelled Wire

The enameled wire is a main type of winding wire. It consists of two parts: the conductor and the insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then baked and baked.

Electrical Materials

Diamond dotted paper, Epoxy fiberglass board, Insulated crepe paper,NHN, DMD, Electrician cotton belt,Copper clad laminated

Power Transformers

Epoxy resin pouring dry type transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry phase shifting rectifier transformer,Mining transformer, box transformer

China Dry Phase Shift Rectifier Transformer

China dry phase shift rectifier transformer is a device that provides multiphase rectified power for medium and high voltage inverters. At present, the high-voltage frequency conversion regulation technology has developed rapidly, and the high-voltage-grade large-capacity frequency converter has been widely used, and the dry phase shifting transformer speed control is adopted, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and save production cost.
This series of products cooperates with the rectifying device in the high-voltage variable frequency speed control device to realize multiple rectification technology and effectively suppress the harmonic content. The high-voltage inverter adopting this series of products is a perfect non-harmonic inverter. And can improve the power factor, generally no need to be equipped with reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering device. The transformer uses NOMEX paper and is Class H insulated. The design of the transformer air duct is smooth, the whole structure process is good, the margin is large, and the overload capability is strong. According to the user’s structural requirements, the unique structure can be adopted, so that the inverter can occupy a smaller space. This product is especially suitable for use in environments with high fire protection requirements and high load fluctuations, such as offshore oil platforms, thermal power plants, water plants, metallurgical chemicals, mining and building materials and other special working environments.
Performance characteristics
1. The coil adopts mature design, technology and materials, which makes the product board small and strong against sudden short circuit;
2. The insulating material is made of Nobel’s NOMEX paper, the heat resistance grade is up to C grade, and the emergency load can be safely operated below 220 degrees, which reflects the super overload capacity;
3. Multi-phase with edge, multi-winding superimposed rectification, small feedback harmonics to the grid;
4. The magnetic density is controlled during product design, which makes the product over-excited;
5. Advanced simulation software combined with rich experience makes the product small and light, saving space and cost for customers;
6. DuPont’s NOMEX paper is safe, non-toxic, self-extinguishing and non-combustible, making the product safer and more reliable. read more

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Common phase shift rectifier transformer cooling medium

There are three common cooling methods for phase-shifting rectifier transformers: oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-immersed air-cooled, and forced oil circulation.
Oil-immersed self-cooling: the natural convection of oil brings heat to the tank wall and heat pipe. Then it relies on the convective conduction of air to dissipate heat. It has no special cooling equipment.
Oil-immersed air-cooled type: It is equipped with a fan on the tank wall or the heat pipe on the basis of oil-immersed self-cooling type, and uses a hair dryer to help cool. After the installation of air cooling, the capacity of the transformer can be increased by 30% to 35%.
The forced oil circulation cooling method is divided into two types: strong oil air cooling and strong oil water cooling. It is to put the oil in the transformer, use the oil pump to hit the oil cooler and then return to the tank. The oil cooler is made into a special shape that is easy to dissipate heat by using a fan blower or circulating water to cool the medium and carry the heat away. read more

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Crepe paper for transformers

Crepe paper for transformers is made by wrinkling of electrical insulation paper. There are crepe along its lateral direction, and the crepe are pulled apart when stretched. Crepe paper with different elongation can be produced due to different wrinkle processing procedures. The thickness of the insulating paper is generally 0.05 mm to 0.12 mm, and the elongation is in the range of 5% to 200%. Insulating crepe paper is often used for the winding insulation of oil-immersed transformers, such as the winding ends, the insulation of the leads and the insulating screen. read more

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The difference between PVC, FEP and FET

Pvc and fep are similar because they are all typical plastics. Pvc is relatively cheap, fep has a long service life, and is mostly used for auxiliary materials such as support, packaging, and casing.
Most of the polymer materials such as plastics and rubber are pvc, polyvinyl chloride, the most common plastics, most of the pipes and switches used today, and its insulation is also very good. Low cost and strong mechanical properties. If it is used electronically, it is a relatively low-demand occasion, such as household switches, indoor low-voltage wire bushings, etc. because of its oxidation resistance and Poor corrosion resistance, even if adding some additives is worse than fep. read more

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The role of double-wall heat shrinkable sleeve with glue

Nowadays, in this evolving 21st century, technology and products are constantly changing and changing. Just like the appearance of double-wall heat-shrinkable tubes with glue, it has also paved the way for other products. The double-wall heat shrinkable sleeve with glue is actually a heat-shrinkable tube. Its surface layer is made of high-quality cross-linked polyolefin material, and the inner layer is processed by hot-melt adhesive compounding, which plays a protective role. read more

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How to diagnose the failure of dry distribution transformers

The dry type transformer is a little noise when it is running. This is a very normal phenomenon, but sometimes there will be a lot of noise, which means that the sound can be judged whether the transformer is faulty. In fact, the sound of dry distribution transformers can also be seen to see if there is any damage. In general, the dry transformer has several problems in the sound, which indicates that the dry transformer has failed and must be repaired. These audible problems occur when a common dry-type power transformer is in operation, indicating that your dry-type transformer is broken. read more

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Dry power transformer wiring

A dry power transformer is a transformer in which the iron core and the winding are not immersed in the insulating oil. Cooling methods are divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). Dry-type transformers can operate continuously for a long period of time at rated capacity when naturally air-cooled. When forced air cooling, the transformer output capacity can be increased by 50%. Applicable to intermittent overload operation, or emergency accident overload operation. read more

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GRE FRP pipes

Based on the Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes, ZTELEC has recorded research and development and produced GRE FRP pipes.
1. Marine and marine GRE pipes are made by epoxy resin matrix, high-strength glass fiber and other auxiliary materials through the winding process;
Compared with other anti-corrosion and anti-impact measures, it has low comprehensive cost, easy maintenance and good economic benefits. It has become the largest and most used in controlling corrosion of ships and offshore platforms. Promising non-metallic pipes.
2. In the production process of GRE FRP pipes and fittings, carbon fiber yarn, carbon felt and high conductive graphite powder are added, making the pipe and pipe fittings a uniform pipe/pipe system. The specially-configured conductive adhesive ensures the electrical conductivity at both ends of the joint. The anti-static coefficient of FRP pipes and fittings is less than 1×105 Ω·m, which has met the requirements for the use of GRE pipes on ships.
Small specific gravity and light weight. read more

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G10 epoxy fiberglass laminate

G10 epoxy glass fiber laminate  is a hard plate-shaped insulating material which is made by importing non-alkali glass fiber cloth into imported pure epoxy ester resin and adding corresponding imported flame retardant, adhesive, etc.
G10 insulation board features
Class F (155 ° C) insulation
It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good mechanical processing. read more

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