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Product Category

Enamelled Wire

The enameled wire is a main type of winding wire. It consists of two parts: the conductor and the insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, and then baked and baked.

Electrical Materials

Diamond dotted paper, Epoxy fiberglass board, Insulated crepe paper,NHN, DMD, Electrician cotton belt,Copper clad laminated

Power Transformers

Epoxy resin pouring dry type transformer, oil immersed transformer, dry phase shifting rectifier transformer,Mining transformer, box transformer

Four major differences between FR-4 CCL and aluminum CCL

FR-4 CCL and Aluminium CCL are the two mainstream CCLs on the market, but few people can tell the difference.
1, heat dissipation
The heat dissipation of the aluminum substrate is higher than that of the FR-4 copper clad laminate, the heat dissipation of the aluminum substrate and the density of the insulating layer, thermal conductivity, and the thinner the insulating layer, the higher the thermal conductivity.
2, mechanical function
The aluminum substrate has high mechanical strength and resistance compared to a copper clad laminate. read more

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Composition of Aluminum base CCL

The Aluminum base CCL has a circuit layer, an insulating layer, and an insulating metal substrate.
The circuit layer (usually using electrolytic copper foil) is etched to form a printed circuit for assembly and connection of the device. Compared to conventional FR-4 CCL, the same thickness and the same line width allow the aluminum substrate to carry higher currents. read more

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FR-4 CCL is divided into several grades

ZTELEC FR-4 CCL is generally divided into 5 levels
1. FR-4 A1 grade copper clad laminate, mainly used in military, communications, computers, digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products. This series of products has the best quality and is world class. read more

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Main factors affecting the performance of insulating materials

There are many types of insulating materials. In their use, different environments and different materials are factors that affect the performance of insulating materials. In the use of electrical insulating materials, the most important factor is electrical. The size of the intensity. Special attention is required:
1. If the insulation material is damaged due to the mechanical use itself, the performance of the insulation material may be degraded. Therefore, while processing the material, care should be taken to minimize the damage as much as possible to maintain the performance of the material.
2. The thickness of the material itself will also affect its performance: when the DDP  insulating paper is thick, it will increase the pressure of the material, which will make the material difficult to dissipate heat and bubbles, which will reduce its performance. read more

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SMC insulation board

ZTELEC successfully developed the SMC insulation board of 1M×2M specification (thickness 3-28mm) according to the requirements of “SMC unsaturated polyester insulation separator applied to high voltage electrical switch instead of 3204 epoxy resin board” proposed by the product conference. The arc resistance and hygroscopicity are far better than the epoxy insulation board, which greatly enhances the insulation of the high voltage cabinet, ensuring the safety and reliability of the high voltage cabinet.
SMC insulation board product characteristics: high mechanical strength, flame retardancy, arc resistance, dielectric strength and high withstand voltage; low water absorption, dimensional stability, small warpage and so on. read more

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FR-4 insulation boards

FR-4 is a code name for a flame resistant material. The resin material must be self-extinguishing after being burned. FR-4 is a commonly used insulating glass fiber board. Unlike ordinary insulating sheets, it can be flame retardant. In addition to good flame retardant properties, its mechanical strength and voltage resistance are also very good. It still has high mechanical strength at normal temperature of 130 ° C, good electrical properties in dry and wet state, flame retardant, used in electrical and electronic applications. Insulation structural components such as the industry. The raw materials for the production of FR-4 insulation board are epoxy resin, glass fiber reinforced cloth, and flame retardant. read more

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Electrician insulation crepe paper tube

Electrician insulation crepe paper tube

The electrical insulation crepe paper tube is made of crepe paper and is suitable for use as an insulating material in motors and capacitors, especially in oil-immersed transformers.

Advantages of transformer crepe paper tube:
1. Inherent dielectric strength
Insulated crepe paper tubes produced by ZTELEC have a lower dielectric constant, resulting in a more uniform electric field distribution between the insulation and the cooling medium.
2, thermal stability
The product has a UL material temperature rating of 220 degrees, which means that even if it is continuously placed at 220 degrees, it can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years.
3. Mechanical toughness
The product is very strong, and the tear resistance and abrasion resistance are good, and the thinner product is flexible.
4, chemical compatibility
Basically free of most solvents, and very resistant to acids and alkalis, it is compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants and freezers, and is not damaged by insects, fungi and molds. .
5, is not sensitive to humidity
6, non-toxic, flame resistant
7, radiation resistance
Even with an ionizing intensity of 800 megarads, the product is essentially unaffected, and after 8 such doses of radiation, the electrical insulating crepe paper tube retains its mechanical and electrical properties. read more

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6640NMN insulation paper

6640NMN insulation paper is a soft composite material consisting of a middle layer of polyester film and two-sided Nomex paper with a heat resistance grade of F (155 ° C). Good mechanical properties such as tensile strength and edge tear resistance as well as good electrical strength.
NMN nomex insulating paper has a smooth surface, good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, especially at high temperatures and after damp. It is guaranteed to be trouble-free when producing low-voltage motors using automatic lowering machines; for H-class motors and appliances Slot insulation, turn-to-turn insulation, gaskets and interlayer insulation of Class H dry transformers. read more

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Insulation cotton tape

Insulation cotton tape is woven from 21 pairs / 2 strands, 42 sticks / 2 strands of superior grade 1 cotton yarn. Soft texture, low price, suitable for insulation and binding materials of transformers and power transformer coils.
Features and uses: It is easy to construct, replaces the use of electrical white cloth tape, and the coil is fastened. It does not need to be immersed in paint to have high shrinkage rate, high thermal tensile strength, no slack and shedding, and does not pollute transformer oil. It is used in the manufacturing process of transformers, transformers, motors and other electromechanical products, such as coils, external parts, transpositions, etc., as well as lead plates in the body.
Electrician white cloth belt thickness: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25mm read more

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