schneider dry type transformer manufacturer

Schneider is a company, but also a standard, a high standard for the transformer industry.
But the Schneider standard is not a specific standard. Generally refers to the standard that Schneider needs to pass for certification. Most Schneider certifications use IEC or EN and DIN standards, and there are also a few corporate standards (group standards) that Schneider himself proposed. This standard is not only the detection of the final product, but also a test of the entire production process. Every detail in the production needs to meet the standard, which is why Schneider Electric Transformer has received everyone’s love.
  In 2012, ZTELEC Group successfully passed the audit of product quality and production process of France Schneider Electric, becoming its sole supplier in central China, and gradually becoming its most reliable supplier in the field of variable frequency special transformers.
We started producing dry-type transformers in 2008. Until now, we have not received customer complaints about quality. Schneider dry-type transformers are also our hot products.
ZTELEC, Schneider dry-type transformer manufacturer