Nowadays, in this evolving 21st century, technology and products are constantly changing and changing. Just like the appearance of double-wall heat-shrinkable tubes with glue, it has also paved the way for other products. The double-wall heat shrinkable sleeve with glue is actually a heat-shrinkable tube. Its surface layer is made of high-quality cross-linked polyolefin material, and the inner layer is processed by hot-melt adhesive compounding, which plays a protective role.

First, the outer material of the double-wall heat-shrinkable sleeve with glue has the functions of insulation, anti-corrosion and wear resistance, which can better protect the internal materials, and also prolong its service life, avoiding frequent replacement of people. .

double-wall heat shrinkable sleeve with glue

Second, the inner layer of the double-wall heat-shrinkable sleeve has the functions of low melting point, water resistance, sealing and high adhesion, and its initial shrinkage temperature is 70 ° C, so it is practical in our daily life. We also don’t have to worry about accidents during use.

Third, double-wall heat-shrinkable sleeves are also widely used, and are often used for waterproofing and leaking of electronic equipment. They can also be used as corrosion protection for wire branches, repair of wires and cables, and pumps and The submersible pump is wired and waterproof.

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