Since the temperature has a great influence on the performance of the transformer, the finned radiator becomes a new heat exchange device selected for the large and medium-sized three-phase oil-immersed transformers. But how to choose the right radiator to improve the working efficiency of the three-phase oil-immersed transformer with finned radiator:
(1) In order to improve the cooling effect of the heat dissipation center, the position of the junction of the finned radiator on the fuel tank of the three-phase transformer is as close as possible to the top of the tank. When the chip radiator is installed in a centralized manner, it is installed on the frame, and the flange of the main pipe and the transformer tank connection flange is fixed, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the pipe is required to be large enough.
(2) When the fan is running, its vibration may cause damage to the cooling fin weld. To this end, the damping elastic washer should be installed at the fixed position of the fan and the finned radiator on the bracket. If possible, install the fan and finned radiator separately.
Three-dimensional Coil Core Oil-immersed Transformer
(3) When the finned radiator adopts the strong oil air cooling method, the axial flow oil pump should be selected. If a common oil pump is used, the oil pump must be connected in parallel with the cooling pipe, and attention should be paid to correctly operating the opening and closing sequence of the butterfly valve on the parallel circuit to prevent the natural circulation of the oil flow between the three-phase oil-immersed transformer and the radiator.
(4) In order to reduce the noise of the finned radiator or the cooling cooler, a fan of a multi-pole motor with a low speed and a large air volume should be used. The net cover type fan has lower noise than the air duct type fan, and from the viewpoint of noise reduction, the net cover type should be selected. In addition, the finned radiator cooling duct has a large air passage and a small wind resistance, so the full pressure of the fan does not have to be too high (generally 40 to 70 Pa full pressure), and the full pressure is too high to increase the noise of the fan.
three-phase oil-immersed transformer with finned radiator
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