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6640NMN insulation paper

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6640NMN insulation paper is a soft composite material consisting of a middle layer of polyester film and two-sided Nomex paper with a heat resistance grade of F (155 ° C). Good mechanical properties such as tensile strength and edge tear resistance as well as good electrical strength.
NMN nomex insulating paper has a smooth surface, good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, especially at high temperatures and after damp. It is guaranteed to be trouble-free when producing low-voltage motors using automatic lowering machines; for H-class motors and appliances Slot insulation, turn-to-turn insulation, gaskets and interlayer insulation of Class H dry transformers.

6640NMN insulation paper
Appearance: smooth, no bubbles, no creases, no defects that affect the use.
Thickness and tolerance: 0.15mm ± 0.02, 0.18mm ± 0.02
0.20mm±0.02, 0.25mm±0.02
0.30mm±0.03, 0.35mm±0.03
0.40mm±0.03, 0.45mm±0.03
Standard width: 907mm±5
Package weight: 50kg ± 5 / volume
Breakdown voltage: 0.15mm—7kv, 0.18mm—10kv
0.20mm—11kv, 0.25mm—13kv
0.30mm—15kv, 0.35mm—20kv
0.40mm—22kv, 0.45mm—24kv

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