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Application of Plastic Insulation Material in Electrical and Electronic Industry

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-05-12

In the electronics and electrical industries, the range of applications of insulating materials is very wide. Although there are many types of insulating materials, solid insulating materials are the most common ones we contact. The most widely used ones are plastic insulating materials.
In fact, plastic insulation material refers to the design and manufacturing technology of plastic insulation materials, conductive plastics, pressure/thermoelectric plastics, and their materials and products used in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. Its application is very wide. In terms of transformers, as an important electrical and electronic component, it plays a role in changing voltage, transmitting voltage, transmitting power, and impedance matching, so plastic insulating materials are mainly used in transformers. Skeleton, wiring board, etc.
In general, electronic components are centered on connectors, coils, and sensing elements. Therefore, plastic insulation materials will integrate components such as filters, oscillators, and keys, and the appearance of surface decoration technology will greatly increase the added value of electronic products. Improve.
For the relay in the electrical and electronic industry, it plays a role of automatic operation, supervision, regulation and protection. For example, a high-stability oscillator must maintain a constant temperature and must be protected by a thermal relay. Who should bear the protection of the relay? Is a plastic insulation material.
Application of Plastic Insulation Material in Electrical and Electronic Industry
The connectors can be manufactured using a variety of materials, such as PA, PBT, PET, etc. All of them have in common that they are all plastic insulating materials, among which the connectors produced using PA have lower cost; with the diversification of parts, the size The stability and heat resistance requirements are higher. PBT material can be selected. The connector with special requirements can be made of PC material. Of course, PPS and LCP reinforced plastics with better heat resistance are also ideal choices.
In addition, the application of plastic insulation materials include coil bobbin and resistor. The coil bobbin is formed by welding the coil wire and terminal. After the terminal insert is formed, there are special requirements for its insertion process, especially when the large coil is welded. Therefore, it can be made of plastic insulating materials such as PA, PBT, and PC.
The resistor acts as a load in the circuit to reduce the power supply voltage and regulate the operating voltage. The plastic insulating material is mainly used in resistors to manufacture resistor skeletons, housings, and gaskets. The requirements for plastic skeletons are high mechanical strength, excellent electrical insulation properties, and good heat resistance and dimensional stability.

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