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China Phase Shifting Transformer

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For people in other countries, very few people know much about China. However, they are very satisfied with Chinese products and believe that it is a guarantee of quality.
However, China did not stop there. From a simple foundry to a country of export of technology products, China Phase Shifting Transformer lead the development of the world’s electrical industry.

China Phase Shifting Transformer
As a new transformer product, dry-type phase-shifting rectifier transformer was born in response to market demand and developed rapidly. On a global scale, dry phase-shift rectifier transformers have been developed toward serialization. At the same time, in order to reduce the harmonic content, the number of China Phase Shifting Transformers has become more and more, and its capacity has also developed to a higher level. The use of new technology in the process to improve the mechanical strength of the winding and moisture resistance, stain resistance, fire resistance, radiation resistance, and enhance the ability to resist sudden short circuit, using stepped core joint technology to reduce noise. At the same time pay more attention to computer optimization design, so that the transformer is more energy-efficient, increased research on the intelligent aspects, and strive to make the transformer with data processing, status control, status display and other functions.
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