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Common phase shift rectifier transformer cooling medium

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-09-11

There are three common cooling methods for phase-shifting rectifier transformers: oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-immersed air-cooled, and forced oil circulation.
Oil-immersed self-cooling: the natural convection of oil brings heat to the tank wall and heat pipe. Then it relies on the convective conduction of air to dissipate heat. It has no special cooling equipment.
Oil-immersed air-cooled type: It is equipped with a fan on the tank wall or the heat pipe on the basis of oil-immersed self-cooling type, and uses a hair dryer to help cool. After the installation of air cooling, the capacity of the transformer can be increased by 30% to 35%.
The forced oil circulation cooling method is divided into two types: strong oil air cooling and strong oil water cooling. It is to put the oil in the transformer, use the oil pump to hit the oil cooler and then return to the tank. The oil cooler is made into a special shape that is easy to dissipate heat by using a fan blower or circulating water to cool the medium and carry the heat away.

The phase-shifting rectifier transformer needs to take heat out of the inverter. There are generally three types of media that can be used: air, water, and oil. The heating components of the high-voltage inverter are mainly two parts: one is a rectifier transformer, and the other is a power component. In the early days, the transformer mainly adopted the oil cooling method, that is, the transformer was immersed in the oil tank. Since the oil has a larger specific heat than the air and the insulation strength is high, this heat dissipation method is the mainstream heat dissipation of the high power transformer. However, because the oil needs maintenance, the seal at the lead wire is not easy to solve. With the advancement of insulation materials, dry-type transformers have dominated at medium and small power levels. The dry phase shifting rectifier transformer is cooled by means of air, and a fan can be installed at the bottom to speed up the cooling. The transformer can also be water-cooled, that is, the coil of the transformer is made hollow, the inside is pure water, and the pure water is used to take away the heat.
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