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Copper Clad Laminate

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As long as you use electronic products, you will surely understand the CCL

CCL refers to paper and fiberglass cloth and other substrates. It is impregnated with resin to form a bonding sheet. After a number of bonding sheets are combined, copper foil is affixed on one side or both sides, and it is made by hot pressing. Platy products.
The copper clad laminates currently available on the market are classified according to the substrate: paper substrates, 94HB, 94V0, 22F; glass cloth substrates FR-4, FR-5, G10, G11; composite substrates CEM-1, CEM-3; special substrates

pcb board material
Classified according to temperature rating (UL94, UL746E): UL-94V0, UL-94V1, UL-94V2, UL-HB.
In accordance with the function is divided into five categories: high Tg, halogen-free board, low CTE, low Dk, low Df, high frequency, high CTI

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