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Crepe paper for transformers

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Crepe paper for transformers is made by wrinkling of electrical insulation paper. There are crepe along its lateral direction, and the crepe are pulled apart when stretched. Crepe paper with different elongation can be produced due to different wrinkle processing procedures. The thickness of the insulating paper is generally 0.05 mm to 0.12 mm, and the elongation is in the range of 5% to 200%. Insulating crepe paper is often used for the winding insulation of oil-immersed transformers, such as the winding ends, the insulation of the leads and the insulating screen.

Crepe paper for transformers
Insulation crepe paper is used on transformers because insulation crepe paper can form an oil-paper insulation combination with the oil on the transformer. Used for
The specific requirements for insulating crepe paper on the transformer are as follows:
1. Insulation and insulation crepe paper should have high pressure resistance function and ensure good insulation performance;
2. crepe paper for packaging has relative mechanical toughness;
3. In addition to high temperature resistance, it should also have thermal insulation properties;
4. Do not produce sensitive phenomena in a humid environment;
5, at the same time also have corrosion resistance, non-toxic insulation crepe paper;
6. Requirements for the appearance of insulating crepe paper: The crepe of the insulating crepe paper should be uniform, and there should be no damage or selection. At the same time, the trimming should be neat, the thickness should be uniform, and the paper surface should not have any impurities, such as: needle Holes, water edges and pulp, etc.;
7, insulation crepe paper should meet the industry’s corresponding latest standards.

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