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Difference among SGB10 Transformer, SC(B)10 Transformer and SCR(B)10 Transformer

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-06-26

All three transformers are dry-type transformers.
10 is the design number, which represents the loss standard value.
1. SG (B) 10 is an open-type dry change, he used the United States DUPONT’s NOMEX insulation paper for the insulation (high voltage coil outside, you can see is white, if it is darker color that is covered with glass wire The former is American technology, the latter is German technology.) The low-voltage coil is copper foil (a B in the model means that it is wound with copper foil. The same is true for B in SC (B)). High and low coils are insulated with VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation). The surface is encapsulated with a layer of epoxy insulating paint.

SG (B) 10

2. The SC(B)10 model means dry change of epoxy resin casting (low pressure is copper foil). The high-voltage coil is sealed with epoxy resin, but the low-voltage coil epoxy resin is difficult to be poured in, but the coil ends are sealed with epoxy resin.

3.model SCR (B) 10, he is non-epoxy resin encapsulation. All encapsulated with NOMEX paper plus silica gel is French technology. This product has less production and better quality. Maybe the price will be higher. You can also look at it.At present, the transformers of these three technologies are relatively common in the world.
Epoxy resin cast products SC (B) 10 are mostly Class F insulation, and a few have H.
SG(B)10 is mostly H-grade, and a few are C-grade.
SCR(B)10 is all H-grade.

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