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DMD Epoxy Prepreg Material 6440

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Description:DMD coated with F-class epoxy modified resin then formed by baking and semi-curing, this material can be quickly cured at high temperatures,

firmly bonded with transformer copper foil.

No low-molecular volatile matter when drying and curing in formation of very small shrinkage insulating structure.

Application: Products are widely used in dry-type transformer coil layer insulation, can also be used for Class F motor slot insulation and phase insulation.

No. Projects Unit


1 Thickness mm


2 Thickness tolerance mm


3 Tensile strength( lengthwise no bending) N/10mm


4 Soluble resin content G/㎡


5 Volatile content %


6 Breakdown voltage KV


7 Tensile shear strength MPa


8 Tempeature index  


Notice: Can also negotiate if customer have special requirements,
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