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Do You Know the Aging Reasons for Insulation Materials?

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-03-9

Insulating materials are often used in the electrical and electronic products, while as the insulation material, it’s inevitable to encounter the aging situation.If it’s aging and not found in time to solve the case, the result is impossible to estimate. It was at the beginning of this month that a fire broke out in the elevator car of a hospital in Nanjing. Fortunately, self-help and timely fire did not cause any casualties. After the investigation, it was found that the culprit is the elevator car insulation parts without timely maintenance, leading to the aging of the insulation that caused fire. So today we come to understand the reasons for the aging insulation.

In the non-stop operation of the electrical equipment, because of various factors of itself and the outside environment, the insulating materials inevitably has certain physical and chemical changes. Here we divide the aging of the insulating materials into heat aging, environmental aging and electricity aging. There are a variety of causes of aging, temperature, humidity, radiation and etc. The reason for the heat aging is that degradation of the polymer insulating material easily causes the escape of the low-molecular substance, thereby resulting in a decrease in the insulating property and the mechanical property.


The most important of these is electrical aging. As a result of the electric field, there will be degradation of insulating materials; in addition there will be leakage to promote the aging of insulating materials, because leakage will produce ozone, and as we we know, ozone is a strong oxidant, which can easily cause insulation sample cracking, leading to aging. Under light and radiation environment, the insulating material will have chemical changes, of which the culprit is the ultraviolet light, so this aging can be avoided.

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