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Dry-type transformer that can be switched between 20KV and 10KV

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Dry-type transformer that can be switched between 20KV and 10KV

ZTELEC  three-phase dry-type transformers have a capacity of 0.03KVA ~ 2500KVA.
This series of three-phase dry-type transformers is a fairly mature product made by ZTELEC after years of screening various high-quality materials and advanced process technologies. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, easy maintenance, and extremely high efficiency. It can penetrate the load center and can be used. Power transmission and distribution sites such as subways, stations, terminals, enterprises and tunnels. The product is applicable to various power supply places where the AC 50 ~ 60HZ and the voltage does not exceed 24KV. The various input and output voltages of the products, the connection groups, and the distribution of the tap line group capacity can be carefully designed and manufactured according to the user’s requirements.

When the grid voltage is 20kv or 10kv, the transformer in this series can control the connection status between two windings on high voltage coil in each phase via conversion device, and realize voltage conversion through series or parallel connection without changing the output voltage, thus enabling one transformer to connect with two electrical voltage systems like 10kv or 20kv asynchronously, where the transformer acts as a transition of upgrading the grid voltage from 10kv to 20kv. In this way, it can achieve repeated investment reduction, efficient conversion, and stable performance.

20KV and 10KV Convertable Epoxy Resin Cast Transformer SC(B)10-30~2500/20(10)

Rated Capacity


HV(KV) Tapping


LV(KV) Connection


Short Circuit


No Load

Loss (W)

Load Loss

No Load


30 20



±2×2.5% 0.4 Dyn11


6 300 1100 2.5
50 340 1240 2.4
80 420 1500 2.3
100 540 2000 2.2
160 680 2470 1.8
200 740 2950 1.8
250 850 3420 1.6
315 970 4090 1.6
400 1150 4850 1.4
500 1350 5800 1.4
630 1530 6840 1.2
800 1760 8270 1.2
1000 2070 9790 1
1250 2390 11540 1
1600 2790 13870 1
2000 3240 16390 0.8
2500 3870 19380 0.8
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