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Epoxy coated electrical paper DDP

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Epoxy coated electrical paper DDP is made of electrical insulation paper and epoxy resin in rhombic form. Epoxy resin is used for DDP. It is a latent hardener material. The epoxy resin of this material contains latent curing agent. At room temperature (below 35 ° C) is a dry material that does not stick. The material has excellent mechanical properties and good dielectric properties after heat curing. In use, the coating layer begins to melt at a certain temperature during the drying of the coil, causing adhesion, and begins to solidify as the temperature rises, so that adjacent layers of the winding are reliably bonded into a fixed unit. The adhesive strength of the epoxy resin is sufficient to prevent the displacement of the layers of the winding during the short circuit, thereby ensuring the long-term electrical and mechanical properties of the insulation structure. Since the resin coating of the rhombic insulating paper is spotted, the immersion of the oil and the elimination of the gas in the insulating material are ensured, and corona and partial discharge are effectively avoided, thereby ensuring the safety and reliability of the insulating structure.
Scope of application: 匝 insulation for coil wires of oil-immersed power transformers and interlayer insulation of distribution transformer coils

Epoxy coated electrical paper DDP tolerance:

1. Substrate thickness and tolerance mm

2. substrate tightness g/cm3 0.85~1.10
3. single-sided adhesive thickness μm 10~15
4. Moisture % 4.0~8.0
5. oil absorption % ≥20
6. bond strength Normal kPa ≥ 650  100 °C ± 2 ° C ≥ 400
7. Pollution of transformer oil – no pollution (△tan∮<0.001)


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