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FR-4 CCL is divided into several grades

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-08-27

ZTELEC FR-4 CCL is generally divided into 5 levels
1. FR-4 A1 grade copper clad laminate, mainly used in military, communications, computers, digital circuits, industrial instrumentation, automotive circuits and other electronic products. This series of products has the best quality and is world class.

2. FR-4 A2 grade copper clad laminate, mainly used for ordinary computers, instrumentation, advanced home appliances and general electronic products. This series of CCL applications is used in a wide range of applications, and all performance indicators can meet the needs of general industrial electronic products. Have a good price performance ratio. Enable customers to effectively increase price competitiveness.
3. FR-4 A3 grade copper clad laminate, which is an FR-4 product specially developed for the home appliance industry, computer peripheral products and general electronic products (calculators, game consoles, etc.). Its characteristics are that under the premise of performance satisfaction, the price has a competitive advantage.
4. FR-4 Class AB CCL, this grade CCL is ZTELEC’s unique low-end product. But the performance can still meet the needs of ordinary household appliances. The price is very low.
5. FR-4 Grade B copper clad laminate is a defective product and is not suitable for large-area circuit board products. The cheapest price is the preferred plate for low-grade toys.

FR-4 copper clad laminate

ZTELEC offers a wide range of FR-4 CCLs at low prices and good quality. Customers are welcome to visit the factory.

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