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FR-4 insulation boards

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FR-4 is a code name for a flame resistant material. The resin material must be self-extinguishing after being burned. FR-4 is a commonly used insulating glass fiber board. Unlike ordinary insulating sheets, it can be flame retardant. In addition to good flame retardant properties, its mechanical strength and voltage resistance are also very good. It still has high mechanical strength at normal temperature of 130 ° C, good electrical properties in dry and wet state, flame retardant, used in electrical and electronic applications. Insulation structural components such as the industry. The raw materials for the production of FR-4 insulation board are epoxy resin, glass fiber reinforced cloth, and flame retardant.

 FR-4 insulation boards
Flame-retardant FR-4 insulation board can be divided into halogen and halogen-free according to the added flame retardant. The price of halogen is relatively cheaper, but the combustion will release toxic substances. Halogen-free is the addition of a flame retardant that does not contain toxic substances, which is harmless to the environment. Some countries in Europe require the use of halogen-free insulating sheets.
For the flame retardant friend of FR4, you can make a small test yourself. Choose a FR4 fiberglass board and ignite it with a lighter. When the fire source touches the board, the material will burn a bit of black marks when the fire source leaves. When the FR4 board is used, it will be extinguished by itself.
ZTELEC specializes in the production and processing of FR-4 insulation boards, and can also be processed according to customer’s drawings and samples. The company has imported CNC equipment, which can deep-process the products according to the customers’ drawings and samples. The processed products have high precision, small tolerance and short processing cycle.

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