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GRE FRP pipes

GRE FRP pipes are equipped with small specific gravity and light weight.

Based on the Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes, ZTELEC has recorded research and development and produced GRE FRP pipes.

1. Marine and marine GRE FRP pipes are made by epoxy resin matrix, high-strength glass fiber and other insulation materials through the winding process.

Compared with other anti-corrosion and anti-impact measures, it has low comprehensive cost, easy maintenance and good economic benefits. It has become the largest and most used in controlling corrosion of ships and offshore platforms. Promising non-metallic pipes.

2. In the production process of GRE FRP pipes and fittings, carbon fiber yarn, carbon felt and high conductive graphite powder are added, making the pipe and pipe fittings a uniform pipe/pipe system. The specially-configured conductive adhesive ensures the electrical conductivity at both ends of the joint. The anti-static coefficient of FRP pipes and fittings is less than 1×105 Ω·m, which has met the requirements for the use of GRE pipes on ships.

Small specific gravity and light weight.

3, The proportion of glass steel pipe is only 1/4-1/5 of the steel pipe, although the wall thickness is slightly thicker than the steel pipe of the same specification, but the total weight is generally less than 1/2 of the latter, so the weight of the pipe can be reduced. The wide application of glass steel pipes in ships can greatly reduce the ship’s own weight and increase the loading capacity.

4, easy to install / fast, easy to maintain: due to the light weight of the glass tube, easy to handle, reducing the cost of lifting. There are various connection methods between the glass pipes, and the joint method can be flexibly selected according to the construction conditions, the installation is simple and rapid, and the installation cost is low. Glass steel pipe does not rust, does not scale. Good corrosion resistance, no maintenance in general; it is very easy to repair in time. If the damage of GRE FRP pipe is not very serious, just clean the surface and directly paste the hand.

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