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How much is insulation Pressboard

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-05-29

Electrical paperboard High-purity 100% sulphate pulp made of high pressure processed paperboard.
This product has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance, durability, good compatibility with transformer oil, and mechanical and electrical properties after immersion.
Main applications: Insulating materials for air dielectrics such as slots, coils, gaskets, and protective layers; also used as spacers in transformer oil tanks at temperatures not exceeding 90°C
Electrician cardboard has a wide range of applications, so many manufacturers use more time when purchasing, and the price of electric paperboard has become their concern.

How much is insulation Pressboard
There are differences in the price of electrical paperboard depending on the specifications. Under the same specifications, quality determines the price. If the specifications and quality are the same, the price will not be much different. In general, the price of electric paperboard in ZTELEC will be the lowest.
ZTELEC electrical pressboard production process is mature, affordable.

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