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How to choose high quality 3240 epoxy board

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-08-8

Epoxy laminate sheet is a kind of laminates with many types, including 3240 epoxy board, G11 epoxy sheet, G10 epoxy laminated, FR-4 epoxy glass board and so on. Their appearance looks the same, but the performance is different. How to determine the advantages and disadvantages of epoxy panels when choosing epoxy panels?

The first thing to look at is the appearance of the epoxy board, the surface of the epoxy board should be smooth, there are dents, scratches or other traces of inferior products. Similarly, crosscutting sides should be neat. Some rough edges will have burrs and hands. Epoxy sheets are colored, including water green, yellow, black, white and so on. The epoxy board should look well and full. Epoxy board is strong and tough. When testing its performance, you can try to bend it or force it. Fragile and easy to break is sure to have poor quality. Epoxy panels are watertight and resistant to chemical corrosion. They work normally under humid conditions. So this can also be used to test its performance. As insulation materials, insulation is better and not conductive, even in harsh environments.

3240 epoxy board

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