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How to extend the use time of insulation paper

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-07-5

Everything has a shelf life, and the insulation paper is the same. How to extend the use time of the insulation paper?
(1) Do not put it under the sun. Some friends because the insulation paper is stored in a place for a long time, want to take out the sun, usually placed in the sun directly, so the performance characteristics of the insulation paper is not harmful, it is best to dry in the shade.
(2) Pay attention to the storage environment. Many friends have stored insulation paper in the warehouse for a long time, not paying attention to the drying of the air and the humidity of the environment. Generally, the most suitable environmental condition is that the air moisture is preferably not more than 70%, and the temperature is preferably around 25 degrees.

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(3) Pay attention to the limit value of the insulation paper. Insulation paper is generally more than 160 degrees, it will be deformed, so be sure to pay attention to the use temperature of the insulation paper.
(4) Pay attention to maintenance. Maintenance, literally, protection and maintenance, it is also important to see conservation. Generally, we will carry out maintenance on electrical and electronic equipment at a fixed time. We can inspect insulation paper, find problems in time, and solve problems.
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