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Insulation cotton tape

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Insulation cotton tape is woven from 21 pairs / 2 strands, 42 sticks / 2 strands of superior grade 1 cotton yarn. Soft texture, low price, suitable for insulation and binding materials of transformers and power transformer coils.
Features and uses: It is easy to construct, replaces the use of electrical white cloth tape, and the coil is fastened. It does not need to be immersed in paint to have high shrinkage rate, high thermal tensile strength, no slack and shedding, and does not pollute transformer oil. It is used in the manufacturing process of transformers, transformers, motors and other electromechanical products, such as coils, external parts, transpositions, etc., as well as lead plates in the body.
Electrician white cloth belt thickness: 0.10, 0.20, 0.25mm

Insulation cotton tape2. Technical requirements
The performance requirements are shown in the following table:
1 Decapitation allows each segment to have two segments, each segment being no less than 5m long.
2 rupture should have no single break of more than 200mm, double roots of 30mm or more.
3 stains should be free of oil, rust
4 holes should be without warp, latitude or joint or more than 3 holes
5 shrinkage%≥20-50
6 tensile strength N/10mm ≥ 200
7 volume resistivity Ω·m≥3×107
8 power frequency dielectric strength 50Hz 1KV 1min should be no breakdown and flashover phenomenon

ZTELEC purchases high-quality raw materials and strictly controls the production process to provide customers with satisfactory Insulation cotton tape.

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