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Insulation Crepe Paper

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In order to meet the needs of major transformers and transformer manufacturers, ZTELEC has introduced low dielectric loss Finnish Insulating Cable Paper and 500KV inter-turn paper as raw materials for electrical crepe insulation paper.

Insulation Crepe Paper

The produced insulating crepe paper has good compatibility with transformer oil. Used in oil immersed transformers, transformers, reactors.

Insulation crepe paper specification: 0.05mm、0.075mm、0.13mm

Characteristics of insulating crepe paper:

  1. High voltage resistance and insulation;
  2. Mechanical toughness;
  3. High temperature resistance and heat insulation;
  4. Chemical compatibility;
  5. Low temperature performance;
  6. Not sensitive to moisture;
  7. Resistance to radiation;
  8. Non-toxic.
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