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Insulation Dog Bone

Insulation Dog Bone For Transformer

Standard: JB/T 10943-2010830850
Base Material: Glass Fiber
Resin: Unsaturated Polyester Epoxy
Color: White Green

Epoxy/Polyester Resin Pultruded Profile

This product is made of non-alkali glass fiber yarn impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin by the traction force and finally pultruded and solidified in hot mold. It is mainly used as insulation materials of electrical equipment. The product can be rectangular, I-shaped, angular, T-shaped, groove-shaped, tubular and cylindrical, etc.

Insulation dog bone for transformer parameter

Standard: JB/T 10943-2010830850

Base MaterialGlass Fiber Yarn

ResinUnsaturated PolyesterEpoxy




2Water Absorption%≤0.5≤0.5

3Barcol Hardness-≥50≥65

4Tensile Strength

(parallel fiber direction)MPa≥100≥500

5Tensile Modulus

(parallel fiber direction)MPa≥1.0*104≥1.0*104

6Bending Strength (vertical Fiber direction)23±2℃MPa≥150≥340


8Bending Modulus

(vertical fiber direction)MPa≥0.6*104≥0.6*104

9Compressive StrengthParallel Fiber DirectionMPa≥250≥380

10Vertical Fiber Direction≥150≥180

11Shear StrengthMPa≥70≥70

12Insulation ResistanceΩ≥1.0*1012≥1.0*1012

13Surface ResistivityΩ≥1.0*1011≥1.0*1011

14Breakdown Voltage

in the Fiber Direction

(in the air)KV≥45≥50

15Arc Resistances≥182≥300


Note: Due to continuous product improvement, the dimensions provided in this sample are for reference only. If necessary, our company can design and produce according to user requirements. Please contact the company in time.

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