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Main factors affecting the performance of insulating materials

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-08-24

There are many types of insulating materials. In their use, different environments and different materials are factors that affect the performance of insulating materials. In the use of electrical insulating materials, the most important factor is electrical. The size of the intensity. Special attention is required:
1. If the insulation material is damaged due to the mechanical use itself, the performance of the insulation material may be degraded. Therefore, while processing the material, care should be taken to minimize the damage as much as possible to maintain the performance of the material.
2. The thickness of the material itself will also affect its performance: when the DDP  insulating paper is thick, it will increase the pressure of the material, which will make the material difficult to dissipate heat and bubbles, which will reduce its performance.

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3. Environmental influences, such as temperature and humidity: When the temperature of the area used by the insulating material rises, the electrical strength is increased, thereby reducing the performance. However, when the environment contains heavy water, the electrical strength will also decrease. Therefore, the performance is better.

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