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Oil conduit supporting belt

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Always used for the insulation sleeving in the oil immersion transformers.

Crepe paper tube for transformer
1. High purity
2. High oil-absorption
3. Good electric dielectric strength


Insulation class A (105 °C)

Direction of crepe paper is transversal.

The end of the last layer is bonded only.

Excellent compatibility with insulating liquids(mineral oils, silicon oils and ascerol oils).


  Construction: KV Breakdown in Oil:
.040″ wall
.060″ wall
.125″ wall
.185″ wall
.250″ wall
4 layers
6 layers
10 layers
15 layers
20 layers
26.2 KV
40.3 KV
57.9 KV
78.0 KV
104.0 KV
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