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Perfect ending of CWIEME Berlin

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-06-22

It took 3 days to complete the CWIEME Berlin.

In order to prepare for the CWIEME Berlin, everyone at ZTELEC started preparations two months in advance and prepared new pictures to perfectly show the company’s insulation materials, transformers, and enameled wires. Prepare samples to allow customers to more directly understand the quality of our products and products. Carefully selected personnel, ready to answer the customer’s various questions. Although it is very hard, it is a kind of growth for everyone. It is also a progress for the company.

Insulation Materials
This time, CWIEME Berlin is a step for ZTELEC’s progress. ZTELEC’s foreign trade started late. No other domestic electric manufacturers are competitive in the international market, and CWIEME Berlin gives ZTELEC an opportunity to open the international market. Because of careful preparation, there is no small gain. Learned the experience of other electrical appliance manufacturers, met many interested customers, and signed a cooperation contract on site.

Amorphous alloy transformer
However, foreign trade is not an event that can be successful. Therefore, we still need to continue our efforts to put enthusiasm and focus into it, and we will eventually gain something in the future.


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