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Polyimide film 6050

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This product has excellent mechanical capability, favorable electric insulation at temperature as low as -269℃ and as high as +260℃.
Application: H class film can be used in compound insulation material, adhesive tape, electric wire and motor industry, ect.

Appearance Transparent or semi-transparent golden film with smooth and flat surface and without any needle cavities, bubbles or electrically conductive impurities.
Thickness Nominal(um) 20 25 30 40 50 75 100 125
Thickness Torlerance(um) ±3.0 ±3.0 ±3.0 ±4.0 ±5.0 ±7.5 ±10 ±12.5
Width(mm) 6-1040
Length(mm) 1000±5 500±5 300±5
Tensile strength (MPa≥) MD 150 120
TD 120
Elongation at Rupture(%≥) 50 60
Dielectric Strength(MV/m≥) 150 120
Surface Resistivity (Ω.cm≥) 1.0×1013
Volume Resistivity(Ω. ≥) 1.0×1015
Dielectric constant (106H) 3~4
Dielectric Tangent(106≤) 1.0×10-3

Notice:The above table reflects only typical or average data , just for providing practical advice in practical application as far as possible, the data does not assume any responsibility for the use of the product or legal liability.


Package and other terms:


Package: Inside: Polythene film; Outside: Carton or wooden case

Store: Sealed and in dry place, quality guaranteed for two years.

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