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Prevent oil-immersed transformers from being burned

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-10-25

Oil-immersed transformers are the most common transformers in the world and the simplest transformers to maintain. But simple maintenance does not mean protection from damage. Oil filled transformers often have burnouts.
How to prevent oil-immersed transformers from being burned out? Ensuring the safe operation of the oil-immersed transformer and preventing the oil-immersed transformer from burning out is very important in daily work. It is also the peak season of thunderstorms and the peak of power load. The oil-immersed transformer is easy to burn out. It is also the period of frequent accidents. The following measures can strengthen operation management and maintenance:

1. Avoid installing a low-pressure metering box on the oil-immersed transformer:
The low-voltage metering box installed on the platform of the oil-immersed transformer in the remote mountainous area should be gradually removed, and changed to indoor installation as much as possible. For example, when there is no electric box disappeared in the past few years, it is convenient to manage and prevent the loss of power. Low-voltage metering boxes are installed in the mountainous areas. However, due to long-term operation, the damage of the metering box or the damage of the low-pressure pile head of the oil-immersed transformer cannot be replaced in time, resulting in the burning of the electric energy meter due to rain and other reasons, causing oil. Damage to the immersed transformer.

2. Reasonable choice of oil-immersed transformer capacity:
It is also very important to choose the capacity of the oil-immersed transformer reasonably. It can neither cause the overload of the oil-immersed transformer to burn out, nor can it cause the waste of the big horse-drawn trolley. The capacity should be calculated according to the load situation of the user, and the capacity of the oil-immersed transformer should be reasonably selected.

3. Reasonable choice of installation location of oil-immersed transformer:
The installation of oil-immersed transformers must meet the requirements of the user’s voltage, and it should be avoided as much as possible to install the oil-immersed transformers in the barren hills, which are easily attacked by lightning and away from the residential areas. Regular maintenance work is not convenient for staff management.

4. Strengthen the measurement of electrical load:
During the peak period of the electric load, the load of each oil-immersed transformer should be strengthened. If necessary, the number of measurements should be increased. The oil-immersed transformer with unbalanced three-phase current should be adjusted in time to prevent the neutral current from flowing. Large and easy to blow the lead, causing the user equipment to burn out.

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5, oil-immersed transformer high and low installed insulation cover:
In order to prevent natural disasters and external damage, if necessary, install high and low voltage insulation covers on the narrow roads and forest protection areas to prevent the oil-immersed transformer from falling down, causing low-voltage short-circuit to burn the transformer.

6. Reasonable configuration of oil-immersed transformer high and low voltage fuse melt:
If the melt configuration of the high and low voltage fuses of the oil-immersed transformer is unreasonable, it is easy to cause the oil-immersed transformer to be seriously overloaded and burn the oil-immersed transformer. High and low pressure melt configurations should follow:

(1) A transformer with a capacity of 100KV/A is configured with a fuse body of 2.0 to 3.0 times the rated current;

(2) A transformer with a capacity of 100KV/A or more is equipped with a fuse body of 1.5 to 2.0 times the rated current;

(3) The low-voltage side fuse body is slightly larger than the rated current.

7. It is not advisable to adjust its tap changer privately:
Due to the difference in load between the two seasons in winter and summer, the voltage level is slightly different. In order to meet the voltage demand, some rural electricians randomly adjust the tap changer without performing related tests, causing the tap changer to be out of position, causing phase-to-phase Short-circuit and burn the oil-immersed transformer.

8. Strengthen daily management:
Regularly inspect the lines, cut down trees, prevent the branches from hitting the wires, causing a low-voltage short-circuit to burn the oil-immersed transformer. The staff lacks daily management of the oil-immersed transformer, and the oil-immersed transformer has long-term lack of oil operation. The respirator is installed or does not replace the silica gel in time, so that the oil-immersed transformer is flooded and easily caused accidents. The quality problems of the oil-immersed transformer itself, due to the remote installation of the oil-immersed transformer, some construction workers arbitrarily put the untested oil-immersed transformer into operation, temporarily using electricity, and burning the oil-immersed transformer.

9. The arrester should be installed on the high and low voltage side of the distribution transformer:
For the high-low pressure side of the oil-immersed transformer of the multi-mine area, a lightning arrester should be installed. If the quality of the arrester is unqualified or the fault is not replaced in time, it is easy to be attacked by lightning and burn the oil-immersed transformer. Every year during the thunderstorm season, the arrester should be sent to the maintenance department for testing before it can be installed. It is forbidden to use unqualified products.

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