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SMC insulation board

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ZTELEC successfully developed the SMC insulation board of 1M×2M specification (thickness 3-28mm) according to the requirements of “SMC unsaturated polyester insulation separator applied to high voltage electrical switch instead of 3204 epoxy resin board” proposed by the product conference. The arc resistance and hygroscopicity are far better than the epoxy insulation board, which greatly enhances the insulation of the high voltage cabinet, ensuring the safety and reliability of the high voltage cabinet.
SMC insulation board product characteristics: high mechanical strength, flame retardancy, arc resistance, dielectric strength and high withstand voltage; low water absorption, dimensional stability, small warpage and so on.

SMC insulation board
SMC insulation board products are mainly used in various insulation partitions of high, medium and low voltage switchgear.
The unique performance of SMC insulation board solves the defects of easy aging, corrosion, poor insulation, poor cold resistance, poor flame retardancy and short life of wooden, steel and plastic meter boxes. The excellent performance of FRP meter box has absolute sealing and waterproofing. Performance, anti-corrosion performance, anti-stealing performance, no need for grounding wire, beautiful appearance, safety protection with lock and lead seal, long service life, SMC distribution box/SMC meter box/SMC meter box use.

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