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The difference between PVC, FEP and FET

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-09-6

Pvc and fep are similar because they are all typical plastics. Pvc is relatively cheap, fep has a long service life, and is mostly used for auxiliary materials such as support, packaging, and casing.
Most of the polymer materials such as plastics and rubber are pvc, polyvinyl chloride, the most common plastics, most of the pipes and switches used today, and its insulation is also very good. Low cost and strong mechanical properties. If it is used electronically, it is a relatively low-demand occasion, such as household switches, indoor low-voltage wire bushings, etc. because of its oxidation resistance and Poor corrosion resistance, even if adding some additives is worse than fep.

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Fep, a perfluoroethylene propylene copolymer, whose performance is similar to that of tetrafluoroethylene, but because of its relatively long molecular chain, it is better in flexibility than tetrafluoroethylene. It is a soft plastic with high electrical resistivity and no How it is affected by moisture, so the main use is for the inner village of the pipe and chemical equipment, the surface of the drum and various wires and cables, such as aircraft hook line, pressurized cable, alarm cable, flat cable and oil well logging cable. FEP membranes have been found to be used as thin coatings for solar collectors. Occasionally, the grade is relatively high, and the most widely used method is blending with tetrafluoroethylene to increase its mechanical strength.
Fet, slightly different from the previous two, is not a common plastic product, called field effect transistor, voltage control type semiconductor device, the resistance is extremely high, can reach 108 ~ 109 Ω, mainly from the silicon oxide derivative as the bulk material, Can be used in some large transformer equipment and high precision electronic components control
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