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What insulation paper is in the oil-immersed transformer

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 20-05-13

Oil-immersed transformers are common distribution transformers in our lives, often used in residential areas, substations, etc. But few people know about its structure. Today we will explore oil-immersed transformers to see what transformer insulation paper is in them.
Opening the oil-immersed transformer, the first thing we see is the electrical cardboard, which is the role of the pressure plate here.
First open the electrical cardboard, we saw the crepe paper tube, used to protect the circuit. Some manufacturers also choose to use crepe paper layer by layer.

transformer insulation paper1

The most important part of the transformer is the winding of the transformer. The transformer winding is generally selected from cable paper or DDP insulation paper. The use of diamond glue paper can make the adjacent layers of the winding be reliably bonded into a fixed unit, ensuring the immersion of oil and the discharge of gas in the insulating material, effectively avoiding corona and partial discharge, thus ensuring the insulation structure Safe and reliable.

ddp insulation paper
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