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What is bakelite sheet

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-06-6

Today I found a small problem when communicating with the customer. The customer asked me to bakelite sheet. I said we do not produce bakelite sheets. He said that I bought it from you before. How could it not be produced?
When customers have their needs, they must do their best to satisfy customers. So I sent our product catalog to the customer and the customer did not find it for a while. When I and the customer gave up, they discovered the dawn of dawn. In some product drawings I sent to customers, the customer found the bakelite sheet he wanted.

So what is a bakelite sheet? The bakelite sheet is the Phenolic Laminate Paper-base Sheet, and the IEC standard is called PFCP202.
Why Phenolic Laminate Paper-base Sheet is called bakelite sheet? Because bakelite sheet is made of high-quality bleached wood paper and lint paper, it is made of high-purity, fully-synthesized petrochemical raw materials and made of phenolic resin as a resin binder. .

bakelite sheet||Phenolic Laminate Paper-base Sheet
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