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Why should the transformer be installed with a noise controller

ZTELEC Insulation Materials | 18-07-27

The power transformer will have a sound during normal operation, and this sound needs to be controlled. In addition to the sound produced by normal work, there will be noise due to structural reasons of different parts. And there are many situations in which the transformer is installed. Some of them are installed near residential buildings. The noise will affect the lives of residents. Therefore, a noise controller needs to be installed. How is the noise controller installed and how does it work?

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The isolation transformer can be understood literally. Isolation is the isolation of electricity and is a device for electrical protection. Therefore, the isolation transformer is a kind of electrical equipment that isolates dangerous voltage and protects personal safety. The so-called protection of personal safety is a kind of protection for the staff who operate this equipment, because the electric motor for isolating the transformer is obtained by secondary induction, and does not form a loop with the primary side, so there is no electric shock. Isolation transformers have the effect of suppressing the interference caused by other grids such as lightning, discharge, grid switching, motor starting, etc. The output and input capacitance coupling is small, so it is also called the power supply noise suppressor by the industry, which also explains the isolation transformer. Has a role in protecting equipment. The above is the role of the isolation transformer that ZTELEC Transformer Factory talks about for users.

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